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Words of Wisdom Mario Teguh

  • Demand that people change, and forget about how difficult it is for ourselves to change.
  •  Courage is not absence of fear. It is a condition where fear is well managed.
  • He who lies for you will lie against you.
  • If what you say is truth, your silence will also be respected.
  • If you are so focused on being angry about little things, do you still have time for patience and care for more important matters in your life?
  • Actually, very little is expected of you, that you take an honest step forward, and then another step, and another step after that, and one more step for every step you take. That is the only known way to succeed
  • Do not wait for any permission to pursue your dreams. Get up, stand straight, walk tall – take action! It is your life. Make it great!
  • My dear fine hearted friends, please say these as your own words … Dear Lord, please help me feel peaceful and confident about my future. So many things in this life happen that seem to make me feel inadequate for the dreams that I want to reach. Help me be earnest in doing what I can do, even if I feel that what I can do is not enough. Help me feel at ease in leaving what I cannot do to You, while I focus on doing the things that I should prioritize. Dear Lord, please nurture me in this beautiful faith in You, allow me to try what I can do, and please give me wings when I need to fly. Amen
  • The way you love your lover is more important than your lover. You can hopefully make a wonderful lover out of an ordinary person by loving him correctly, but you will certainly ruin what could be a wonderful love story by loving him in the wrong ways.
  • Do learn to be silent, especially when you know you are right. The right person needs the least reason to explain that he is right. Only he who is unsure of his being right – feels the urgency to explain – to others and especially to himself.
  • Please say these as your own … Dear Lord, in this peaceful morning please help me understand and accept Your plans for me, for all that You plan must be for my goodness. Please empower my resolve to stay on the right course, to stay obedient to Your wishes, and to remain faithful to You until the end of time. May You strengthen my heart and mind to overcome life’s difficulties and challenges, and shower me with great fortunes, with a loving family and true friends. Amen
  • Secrets are safer. Your position is unsafe when you open up a secret of yours.
  • May today be the day when you find peacefulness in being your good self. May today God turn you into a confident and humble person. May today God make you irresistibly attractive for the person that will become your loving and faithful life companion. Amen
  • Actually, a lonely person is missing himself or herself.
  • Your past mistakes will not hurt you if you do not repeat them.
  •  Love for self is frequently more blinding than love for others.
  • May in this beautiful day God empower you to overcome the problems that have been slowing your progress thus far. May God vibrate more laughter in your life and bestow more results in your work. And may God beautify your life with tender and faithful love. Amen
  • Lying to yourself will hurt you more than lying to others.
  • You are called strong not because you have a strong body, but because your belittled and saddened heart continues to push on and calms itself to patience.
  • A successful person is he who has made himself a good person. A person who is dishonest, no matter how wealthy he may be, he has failed to be a good person.
  • You will not find happiness merely by seeking happiness. You will find happiness when you are too busy thinking about happiness while working hard to make your family and customers happy.
  • Good morning my dear kind hearted friends, May today be one of your most beautiful days. May your mind be clearer today, so that you will better see the solutions for your problems and challenges. May your heart be calmed and beautified with love and tenderness to your family and friends. And may good fortunes be the rewards for your honesty and hard work. Amen
  • The three signs that you have succeeded in building a happy life: You eat well, You sleep well, And you laugh well.

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